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With the cryptocurrency market reaching into the hundreds of billions and institutional investors slowly coming on board, the time has never been better to enter the crypto mining space. Become a part of the crypto revolution today! DigiHost maintains a single large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation. We currently own 11,800 miners and growing, with an operating capacity of 42 megawatts. Electricity costs are low, and we have a high-efficiency data center. Our custom software monitors hardware temperature, hash rate, memory, wattage, and fans 24/7.

Corporate Presentation

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Corporate Presentation

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Our company has a dedicated and intricate plan. For details on our prospectus, click the link below.

Our Prospectus

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Stock Performance

How we differ from others

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    Alternative Cryptocurrencies

    In addition to our proprietary software and efficient datacenter located on prime real estate, we have the flexibility to quickly switch between mining alternate cryptocurrencies. This versatility allows for maximum profitability as our miners can process transactions on various blockchains according to the current difficulty level and market price action.

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    Maximum Mining

    It’s a common misconception that if the dollar price of a coin drops, the incentive to mine it evaporates. It’s simply not true. With a drop in price comes a drop in overall hash rate, which leads to a drop in mining difficulty. So, top-notch miners like DigiHost can mine more coins in the midst of such a scenario.

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    Superior Mining Software

    Our proprietary software allows us to search for and mine the most profitable cryptocurrency at all times, monitoring hardware temperature, hash rate, memory, wattage, and fans 24/7.

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    Unlimited Growth Potential

    DigiHost is dedicated to filling this market need by being efficient, sustainable, and economical for the crypto community and our investors alike. We are always growing, always learning, and always adapting.