We are a Blockchain
Technology Company

Digihost is a Blockchain Technology Company based in the United States with a focus on Bitcoin mining. Our growth-oriented strategy is to continuously exploit opportunities that increase mining hash rate; reduce energy costs through favourable contracts and vertical integration; and, increase the Company’s inventory of Bitcoin mined and held.

Digihost is well positioned to maintain strong Bitcoin mining operations while continuing to execute on its strategy to expand its business operations and achieve its goal of being one of the fastest growing Bitcoin mining companies in North America.

The Future of Digihost

Digihost’s main focus will be to expand its global blockchain technology business, which is supported by Balance, its cryptocurrency accounting and tax software, as well as its mining capacity through its highly efficient data centers. Additionally, Digihost will pursue a number of strategic initiatives:
Expand capacity

Using cash on hand and mining proceeds, the Company intends to aggressively expand its mining capacity and acquire additional rigs.


To achieve mining success that is tied to mining difficulty and hash rates, Digihost will focus on diversification and the mining of alternatives currencies.


Develop software to optimize mining activity (maximizing yield related to quantity, and value of the currency mined).

Form alliances

Form strategic alliances that will lead to further improvements in efficiency, profitability and awareness./span>

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